Community Outreach Meeting

A Community Outreach meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 4, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Hendricks Co. 4-H Fairgrounds and Conference Center in Danville. We will be meeting in Classrooms A, B, & C.

The purpose of this meeting will be to provide an opportunity for churches and agencies to share what services/benevolence they provide to those in need in our county. Churches are often the first stop for those needing assistance. So, if your church does or does not provide any direct financial assistance, please know you are welcome to attend so that you are aware of available resources.


  1. Lori Miller with Greencastle Transformers will provide us with a brief presentation on – Insights to Understanding Poverty.
  2. Julie Randall, director of Family Promise will also provide information on the process of referring clients to FP as well as all services they provide to not just families in the residential side of the program but services provided to those who are struggling in poverty (living in vehicle, motels, etc.) and homelessness prevention.
  3. Explanation on how the Energy Assistance Program will be administered this year.
  4. Each agency/church take a couple of minutes to share the resources they provide. This will allow time after the sharing for each of us to ask questions of the different agencies or programs that they assist with.
  5. Discuss barriers we see and hear from those requesting assistance – transportation, child care, affordable housing.

We are also extending an invitation to all of our county trustees. Please, feel free to invite any church/agency you feel that might be able to help us all better assist those who are in need.

Please let us know by Friday, August 31, if you are able to attend.

Thank you,

Mindy Duckett – 317-752-7503 –

Andrea Hilton – 317-432-1716 –

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